jerry hammack

mixing engineer, Beatles author and expert

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a good recording. You know this because you've already invested yourself in it. You've written the songs, perfected the arrangements, rehearsed and rehearsed and finally recorded your tracks. You've done everything you know to make your songs sound as good as they can.

But none of that matters unless you do one final thing...

Get a killer mix

My name is Jerry Hammack. I live to give you the killer mix your hard work deserves. I have worked as a producer, arranger, audio engineer and musician for over three decades. As a Beatles expert and author of The Beatles Recording Reference Mauals, I also have a complex understanding of vintage recording and mixing philosophies. If you're looking for that crisp, clear vintage sound, I'm your man.

I bring every one of these skills to work in helping you get the most out of your session. I want your music to be everything you imagined it to be when you set out to create it.

I have ears rich with history to apply to your songs. You get a clear, unbiased take on your work. My only goal is to deliver results that you will be proud to share with the world. Below are a few samples of the acts I've recorded over the years. Check them out for yourself and hear just what I can bring to your music. I hope you enjoy what you hear (I'm proud of it!), and that I'll have the chance to work with you on your project.

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Mixing Services

I mix every song with a fresh perspective – no assumptions or template solutions. I listen carefully to your hard work and formulate an approach to make the most of your vision. No shortcuts – no half-measures. From drums to guitars, bass, keys, vocals and more, I work hard to bring your work to its fullest realization.

Your Mix Includes

Your Mix Does NOT Include

Why don't I edit? The real answer is that it's a tedious process that doesn't make the best use of my skills. Trimming tracks, adjusting pitch, comping a final take...These are creative decisions you need to make before you mix – not during.

Be sure the tracks you send to me are edited before you engage me and you'll get the absolute most from my services.

Your Feedback Is Critical - The Three-pass Process

Mixing doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's a collaborative effort. Your feedback is essential to me in giving you the killer mix you are looking for.

Your mix includes three passes at the song: My original mix, and up to two revised mixes from your comments. I give you my all the first time around, then make adjustments based on your feedback for the final two passes (if needed). You can be sure your opinions and preferences will show up in your final mix.

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Mixing Rates

I mix on a per-song flat rate basis. You know going in exactly what it's going to cost you to mix your songs.

Two Great Options

Just getting a single, EP, or album ready for release? I can mix that for you. Remember, your hard work all comes down to the mix. It's all anyone will ever hear. Your results will stand up to the competition.

If you're something of an engineer yourself and have the tools, but maybe lack a little confidence, context or experience, then send me your most challenging track. Not only will you get a killer mix; I'll also let you know step by step how I got it sounding that way for you. You can use the information I provide to apply yourself to the remaining tracks on your project. If you've got Pro Tools, you'll also get the original session file, and be able to examine my approach in detail – even use it as the basis for the rest of your mixes in some cases.


While I'm confident I can bring a lot of value to your project across many styles of music, I have my strengths and weaknesses like anyone else. I put my pants on one leg at a time, and unlike Bruce (“More cowbell!”) Dickinson, I don't always make gold records once they are on! I've worked with pop, rock, Christian, electronic and folk acts.

My work has been released on numerous CDs, made it to radio, streaming services, You Tube and has helped independent acts get signed. I hope I can do the same for you.

Here are a few samples of my work (.WAV format files). Give them a listen and if you think I might be able to help take your songs to that elusive next level, contact me below for all the details.

I am excited to hear from you and put my skills to work on your tracks.


Drop me a note at "jer at (@)" for all the nitty gritty on service and payment terms, how to get me your tracks, etc. In your email, let me know the details of your project and which of my two mixing service packages you are interested in, as well as any other questions you might have. I can't wait to give you that killer mix you're looking for!